Wooden Gokart with gas engine

I built this go-kart with 2x4's and off-the-shelf parts from local hardware stores.

The 5.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton horizontal shaft engine and centrifugal clutch are from Northern Tool. The Sprocket and chain were from Farm and Fleet.

I did some "blacksmithing" to make the front steering assembly. With the shaft secured in a vise, I heated it with  a propane torch with a Mapgas cylinder. I then slipped a pipe over the shaft and bent it, reheated, hammered it into shape. Not an easy task...but after ten years it still working.

The steering column is a piece of galvanized pipe. A cable wrapped around the pipe pulls  the yellow steering bar right or left when the wheel is turned.

I split the steering bar and added a screw for front wheel alignment.

The steering wheel was made for a backyard play set.  It is sandwiched between two pipe flanges.

GoKart Go-KART Go-kart GOKART GO-KART Go-cart GoKart go-kart Go-Kart


More pictures and info coming soon!

including details about the brakes


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