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A few pictures of "The Kermit Dalek" and friends from C2E2 2015



Warhammer 40K, the black armored beast battles the Kermit Dalek


Young Rocket poses with the Kermit Dalek while Bert tries not to look at the camera


Our old friend Beaker needs to take a chill pill.



The Kermit Dalek goes in through the out door to score a free photo op with Doctor #7 Sylvester McCoy

(look at the security guards, they don't care)



Chad L. Coleman,  Tyreese from The Walking Dead flagged us down for a picture. How cool is that?

Check out his Instagram, over 10,000 likes!


Wow, that's a big Lego Boba Fett!


Carl from The Walking Dead



Yondu and Star-Lord


Nigel has captured his first Beaker



My very own group of Sesame Street Muppets



The rarely seen Long-Neck Kermit

(see the Kermit the Reporter costume build diary here)



Sesame Street Cosplay Muppets unmasked




Making the Kermit Dome

Basically it's just:

 an IKEA mixing bowl

2 rounded triangles of hardboard

a bent angle bracket and some screws

some green fleece

assorted felt for the mouth

carpet tape and some glue

(and some LEDs inside the eyes)








The eyes are a clear 2 piece ornament, 

coat buttons, rubberbands, glue and spraypaint.






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