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Chris Adams --- updated 8/6/2010

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HotWheel 1
1995, HotWheels Wienermobile, 3 inches.
Packaged several different ways; in a small
clear plastic bag for promos, standard HotWheels bubblepack, part of the 5 car "Crazy Classics" set, and as shown here with floppy disk.Several different wheel styles available. Malaysia

HotWheel 2
1996, Chrome HotWheels car, Silver Series II, collector # 423. Malaysia

HotWheel 3
1996, HotWheels Micro Vehicle from Crazy Classics set. China

Mobile 1
1960's "The Bobbing Oscar" When you roll this toy, Little Oscar pokes his head in and out of the slot on top. 9.5 inches, metal bottom, rubber whitewall tires,LITTLE OSCAR is imprinted on the hotdog shaped chef's hat,yellow band is a decal. USA

Mobile 16

The original "Bobbing Oscar" toy Wienermobile. With yellow hubcaps and a different looking Little Oscar that bobs up and down as the car is rolled. "Friction motor" flywheel keeps car rolling. Green tinted windshield, silver painted bumpers. 1950's USA

Mobile 2
1970's? Rolling Bank,all plastic, plug in bottom to remove money, rubber tires, 9.5 inches, yellow band is a label. USA

Mobile 4
1990? Rolling Bank, 9.5 inches. China

oMobile 5
1993 Rolling Bank, 9.5 inches. China

oMobile 6
Remote control Wiener Mobile, same body as Mobile 5. (JRL toys) China

Mobile 7
1998 Big Rolling Bank, 13 inches. China

oMobile 8
1998 Wienermobile beanbag toy. Cyrk Inc. China

oMobile 9
Wienermobile pedal car,1995.USA

Mobile 10
Wienermobile reversible plush toy. Unzip and invert into a funky looking pack of bologna! Accent International.10 inches long. Indonesia

Mobile 11
Wienermobile giant plush toy. From in-store promotion, included string kit for hanging. 36 inches long.1997 China

Mobile 14

This is a hand blown hand-painted ornament, designed by San Francisco Artist Jennifer Ellsworth, part of the Landmark collection. 1999 Made in Poland.

Mobile 15

Cookie Jar, made by Crabby Onion. 1996?


Item 1
Inflatable wiener, 32 inches.1997

Item 2
Wienermobile Label, 2.5 inches.

Item 3
1998 Wienermobile baby bib, modeled here by my daughter Elizabeth. USA

Item 4
1960's? Plastic ring featuring Little Oscar.

Item 5
Chrome finish post card approximately 3 1/2 in. by 5 1/2 in., #63826 by Dexter, published by William Wollin Studio, Madison WI.

Item 6

Red plastic lunch bag with zipper. 1999


Ornament W53

This is an ornament that I saw on Ebay once.

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